Posted by: lrrp | December 19, 2009

Excrepts from the Angulimala Movie (Thai)

“A Man Who Took a Thousand Lives to Reach NIRVANA.”

Ahimsaka is a serial killer during the lifetime of the Buddha, more than 2,500 years ago he was born into a Brahmin caste, the highest caste withinn Indian Subcontinental. However he was predestined to become a mass murderer, causing destruction and death to the people to whom he should be grateful. Ahimsaka started killing every soul he had faded from travelers in the forest to the evildoers denying devas. He then added all the victims’ fingers into a garland, or Mala, and wore it around his neck. Because of this necklace, he was known as the Bandit Angulimala. Until one day he came to realize that his very chase to the Dharma path is completely misguided and he becomes disillusioned with all his misguided actions in the past. He casts aside his sword, then followed the right path and finally became an arahant, “the Perfect One”, after he realized the Buddha’s word of wisdom – ” I have stopped, but it is you who have not”.


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