Posted by: lrrp | October 18, 2011

Buddhist Parittas (Gatha And Pirith)

Lord Buddha introduced Gatha (Poems) and Paritta (Truth Actions) for gain protection to Buddhist people, which are considered as more powerful than all kind of mantras. Because these verses are have power of Buddha, Dharma & Sangha. Parittas have truth actions which means from truth of virtue powers of Buddha, Dharma & Sangha, wishing actions to be occurred such as blessings or removing life problems. Gatha are poems which have noble worshiping verses & characteristics of tipple gems. Some gathas or parittas were teaching of Lord Buddha so called as Sutras. We have experiences; also gods are told to us that Ratana Sutra & Jalanandana Paritta, can dispose any powerful spells created from mantras or can remove problems originated via ghost or devils. We can remove our pains from chanting such kind of gathas in our home, under the Bodhi Tree and near some shrines. You can offer flowers, light oil lamps & light odors to Buddha in such place then concentrate your mind to virtue powers of Buddha about few time such as 15 minutes, then you can chant some gathas. Also you can chant Karaniya Metta, Maha Mangala & Ratana sutras in everyday in your room at early in the morning or evening. It will bless to you, your family & your house, also can remove sicknesses and can success all of your works.

Following Buddhist gatha, also called as Buddhist Mantra can be used for remove any problem in your life. It is called as All Buddha’s Gatha. (Meaning of this gatha is : Avoid all evil, Cultivate good, and Cleanse one’s mind. This is the teaching of the every Lord Buddhas!). For get more results from this gatha, you must chant or recall this gatha 108 times between 5am to 7am or 6pm to 8pm,

Sabbapàpassa akaranam – Kusalassa upasampadà
Sacittapariyodapanam – Etan Buddhànu sàsanan!

Other powerful Buddhist gathas & parittas are :

  • Buddha worshiping gatha called as “Itipiso Bhagawan Arahan…” for own safeness & remove phobias.
  • Rathnamala Bandana Gatha which have only god’s sounds for family wealth & attain god’s attractions.
  • Kanda Paritta for remove problems from snakes and other painful animals.
  • Mora Paritta for own safeness from every enemies.
  • Wattaka Paritta for safe from fires or bombs.
  • Karaniya Metta Sutra for remove evil troubles & become friendly with gods.
  • Maha Mangala Sutra for all success & wealth.
  • Ratana Sutra for remove evil troubles, sicknesses and other environmental disasters.
  • Atawisi Paritta for all success, earn good health and family wealth, etc…
  • Dasa Disa Paritta for cure severe life problems and attain guardian god’s succor.
  • Jala-Nandana Paritta for cut down all type of negative effects which are created by Mantra Science.
  • Atanatiya Paritta for remove painful effects from ghosts, devils & other all type of evil powers.
  • Anathma Lakkana & Damsak Pawatum sutras for develop your wisdom & attract wise gods.
  • Jaya Paritta for every success in wealth, good health & every happy.
  • Maha Samaya Sutra for attract powerful gods & goddesses.
  • Mara Tathgganiya Sutra for remove evil effects from inhumans called as Mara.

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