Posted by: lrrp | January 4, 2015

Form is Empty of Essence

Entering the Stream

The human psyche uses Form as an environment for survival. The psyche thinks that it “exists” and seeks to preserve “itself” within the data of any and every particular Form that it merges with. Much of our existence is carried out in the repetitious merging with Forms, that the psyche uses to prove and live out its’ self-creating existence. It chooses which particular Forms will present it with the “proper” expected environment to suit its’ needs of comfort, satisfaction, and growth for the sake of uninterrupted continuance.

The problem with this type of action, is that it cuts the person off from having access to the areas of life necessary to maintain wholeness. The psyche will find only forms that keep the persons attention staid upon emotions that it deems useful, or harmonious with its wishes. This damages the wholeness of the individual as they have essentially banished whole parts of…

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